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Collecting Fine Jewelry Boxes

Collecting Fine Jewelry Boxes

Jewels are treasured possessions. For a long time, they were largely confined to the upper classes and royalty. As people started to accumulate wealth, access to jewelry became more common. Many more people were able to buy many kinds of lovely items. In many cases, people purchased jewelry for a special occasion such as wedding or birthday. More and more people started to own not only a single piece of jewelry but several pieces of jewelry or even a collection of items. As people started to own more than one piece of jewelry, the question became how and where to store their items safely. It is not surprising that jewelers responded to this growing need by creating jewelry boxes people could use to keep their jewelry when not wearing it.

Different Types of Jewelry Boxes

In the aftermath of the Industrial Revolution, jewelers offered many kinds of jewelry boxes. Some were intended for a single use such as holding a wedding ring. Others had multiple compartments where different types of jewelry could be stored. A single jewelry box might hold half a dozen items. A jewelry box might also contain compartments where accessories to go with the jewelry might be stored such as gloves or glasses. Buyers could also purchase jewelry boxes that would allow them to store items of value such as clocks or a music box.

Different Shapes

Jewelers also made boxes in different kinds of shapes. Heart and egg shaped boxes were common as well as jewelry boxes in the shape of figurines. One of the most shapes was known as the jewelry casket. The jewelry casket is a long rectangle with sharp ends. Collectors can also find jewelry boxes in the shape of furniture such as a cabinet.

Varied Materials

Craftsmen made jewelry boxes out of different kinds of material. Wood, metal, pressed glass, ivory, lucite and porcelain were commonly used. Many jewelry boxes are crafted from a mixture of materials. A hand-carved jewelry box would often be considered an heirloom that might be passed down through multiple generations. Painted jewelry boxes can be found as well, often with intricate details such as delicate flowers. Jewelry boxes would be made by respected jewelry makes such as Limoges in France.

Trinket Boxes

Trinket boxes were popular during the Victoria era. The Victorians loved little objects of all kinds. Victorian homes were often filled with knick-knacks and gadgets as well as items that had been collected during travel. Jewelers, realizing this niche, created elegant little boxes to store such items. Makers used all sorts of motifs to decorate the boxes including children’s illustrations.

Mass Produced Items

At the turn of the last century, jewelry boxes became increasingly popular among Americans. Metal was a particularly popular material. Many jewelry boxes were produced in Europe. Customers in the United States could order these boxes via catalogs from popular American manufacturers such as Sears & Roebuck and Marshall Fields in Chicago. The boxes were cast in lead and then electroplated with copper. It’s common to see them with a coating of gold or silver. Many companies also offered boxes inlaid with ivory. Linings with luxurious materials such as silk, velvet and satin were also highly prized.

Art Nouveau

The Art Nouveau movement also had an impact on the creation of jewelry boxes. This was a time when a more naturalistic style based on organic forms began to emerge. Jewelry boxes of this period take their inspiration from nature. Collectors will find boxes that have sinewy trees on top or carvings of birds in flight. A woman with long, flowing hair was also a favored motif.

American Jewelry Boxes

Americans began to develop their own types of jewelry boxes. Such boxes often have scenes that call to mind very American references with a depiction of plantation life. Manufacturers also drew inspiration from other periods and used Egyptian and Greek and Roman motifs. Boxes were also made to commemorate special American events such as the World’s Fair of 1904. These kinds of boxes from special events are now highly prized by collectors.


While collectors can find many American jewelry box makers, one of the popular was Mele. Based in New York City, Mele popularized innovative features such as a tray that popped up automatically when the lid of the box was lifted. They were responsible for designing the cases used to present Purple Hearts during WWII. The company has continued to introduce many new products including boxes made from leather. Company officials also made musical jewelry boxes that were popular in Europe for much of the 1800’s. Travelers from abroad would frequently bring back a musical jewelry box as a cherished souvenir of their time in Europe. A box with a ballerina twirling was a popular gift for children. Adults could purchase a lacquered version of their own made in a Japanese style.

Other Makers

Collectors can find jewelry boxes made by upscale companies that are prized as art objects in themselves. The robin’s egg blue boxes made by Tiffany’s to house their jewelry are famous all over the world as a symbol of dreams and hopes. Cartier and other companies such as Patek Philippe also brought out jewelry in boxes that are coveted by collectors who prize high style and elegant design.

Other Uses for a Velvet Jewelry Box

Other Uses for a Velvet Jewelry Box

Other than the primary purpose of a product, there exist some other subsidiary uses for it. In simple terms, if something has served its purpose, it could be reused instead of being left to pile up or dumped. Luckily, many of these things could be used for multiple purposes. Talk of velvet jewelry boxes. Other than what they hold, these boxes are pieces of elegance. Besides, they act as a guarantee that the jewelry inside is of superior quality and standard. However, if the jewelry is no longer kept in them, they could turn a bother with their piling up. Fortunately, this should not alarm you since you can apply other uses, say safekeeping and organizing of precious little things both at home or at the office.

Coin collector

Just like there are different versions of the same thing, people vary in their needs and styles. There are those that love the collection of coins mostly foreign for historical significance and those that like to display them as artifacts. Despite the existence of specially customized coin boxes, velvet jewelry boxes could be used in their place to serve that same purpose, which is cheaper since you do not have to spend a fortune on their purchase. The velvet boxes are flexible since they could be kept open for display or may be closed and kept safely in a locker when not in use.

Craft Jewels

People have hobbies say in crafts, or better yet, their children have an interest in the making of art pendants, earrings, adorable dolls, toy necklaces, or even rings for themselves. It is for you, as the parent, to offer support on better ways to do that besides teaching them to design the jewelry using paper craft, thread or even waste beads. Giving them these boxes to serve as storage for their stuff helps the children learn how to re-use various items and the aspects of safe-keeping of things.

Drawer Organizer

It goes without saying that most drawers are comprised of many little things that clutter that space despite being useful. Fortunately, there exist fancy organizers readily available in most stores out there that help in organizing of your drawers by marking each space for each item. You needn’t go far seeking for ways of organizing your drawer. Velvet jewelry boxes could serve the purpose perfectly. All that is required is your effort in placing as many boxes as your drawer can hold for a tight fit and you get yourself a neat and orderly drawer.

Key Holder

It is safer to have duplicate keys for your locks just in case you misplace the bunch in use. However, having them lying around the house just anywhere isn’t right and doesn’t look right either. More so, it is not safe keeping them just because they are in the house. Here, a velvet jewelry box comes in handy. It can be used to store numerous keys with a tag attached to them or a label inside the box acting as a reminder of its content or the place the key opens. They are of great help during the last minute searches for lost keys.

Seed Store

Seeds are very minute in size. It inconveniently makes it easy for them to fall and get lost without any trace. Therefore, if you have an interest in maybe growing some plants say some herbs, shrubs or flowering plants, their seeds require safe keeping for next time’s use. The velvet jewelry boxes provide an excellent storage space for these small seeds eliminating the most common risk of loss. Besides, due to the fact that these jewelry boxes come in a variety of colors, they suit this endeavor perfectly because you can keep a particular kind of seed in one color box and the other in another color hence eliminating cases of confusion when retrieving them for planting.

Sewing Kit Container

A sewing kit is one crucial thing that needs to be kept nearby at home for its various uses. Fortunately, a velvet jewelry box of a suitable size is an excellent choice for the kit. It could be used to keep threads, needles and a lot more contents of a sewing kit while traveling or may be in a case of stitching emergencies. Velvet jewelry boxes are a perfect alternative to the ready-made sewing kit containers in the stores today. They are cost effective since you do not have to spend to acquire them.

Wedding Vows

Well, there is nothing as sweet as the recollection of sweet memories. Velvet jewelry boxes can serve that purpose. You can use them to safe keep your vows, which are close enough to rekindle the magic of the initial days. Besides, they could be used to store those beautiful photos of your wedding as a close reminder of that special day even long after your wedding reception.

Velvet jewelry boxes are an asset at home or even at the office. Their use is not limited to any particular thing and can serve any recommendable purpose diligently as intended. Hence, improvising them not only brings out the aspect of reusing but also cost effectiveness. They not only help you get better organized but also reduce landfills in the long-run reducing the burden to the environment and creating a greener household. When you think of clutter-free drawers and safely stored items both at home and in the office, think velvet jewelry boxes.

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